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Happy New Year to you all. Glory to God. God has been so faithful, and consistently trustworthy. It is because He is a faithful God. Hence, we can’t but be grateful, and full of thanksgiving unto God, for bringing us through the year, 2020.   Personally, I must admit that it was a year that I have never seen its…

Happy New Year

2021 . . . The Year of Shining Forth!   Happy New Year, 2021 to you all you, and Glory to God in the highest. God has been faithful to you and I, and through His mercies; He brought through the year, 2020, successfully, and gloriously!   And for some of us, the year of ‘Abundant Favours’, truly revealed itself…

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year, 2021 to you all! What a wonder, and a marvel that God in His mercies, and through His loving kindness, blessed and kept us; protected, and brought you and I through 2020, into this great new year! For that, and for other blessings, to God; the good Shepherd of Israel be all praise, glory, honour, worship; and…

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