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Faith Response
Prayer Confession  _____ 10/02/21

Prayer Confession _____ 10/02/21

Say this loud to yourself:

My Heavenly Father, I give you heartfelt praise, and bless you name for your faithfulness. I glorify you my Father and my God, and confess that you are my light, and that you are also my salvation.

I magnify and bless God holy name according to God’s Word, and proclaim that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD! I believe with my heart, and proclaim with mouth that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD over my life. and over every areas of my life.
My God, and my Father, I bless and give you praise that I’m a shining light to my generation. I’m blessed, happy, joyful, trustworthy, hardworking, loving, kind, caring and merciful.

I believe God’s Word. My total dependency rests strictly and perfectly on God’s infallible Word. I’m a divine light to my world.

I have the light of the glorious Gospel in my heart, and it is shining through me to my sphere of influence, and to my regions of universe.

I abide in Jesus Christ and His word abides in me richly. I’m blessed improved and perfected, in God s righteousness.

Great, glorious and pleasant things are spoken about me; for I’m the city of God set on a hill that can never be hidden. I’m blessed, fortunate, happy, holy, and upright in God’s righteousness.

I belongs to Jesus Christ forever, and certainly, I’m an abiding child of the living God, a product of God’s infallible Word through the Holy Spirit.

The lines are fallen to me in pleasant places, and therefore I have a goodly heritage. The good deeds that I have done, and that I do, shall never be spoken of as evil.

All my good works, are covered and sheltered inside and through the precious blood of Christ.

My harvests, are continually protected, and divinely preserved inside the secret place of the Most High God. Also, my rewards are continually protected through the precious blood of Jesus Christ.

I believe fervently based on God’s Word that I shall not die before my time. In fact I shall not die but live to declare and proclaim the glory of God. I love God’s Word, and therefore, I’m never ashamed of the Gospel of Christ Jesus.

In actual fact through the precious blood of Christ, and through the grace and mercies of God, I’m reflecting the glory of God to my firmament.

I’m more than a conqueror; for greater is He that lives, and that resides inside me than he that is in the world. I \m not ordinary. I live a life of the supernatural, I live in supernatural abundance.

Through the grace of God, I am blossoming in God’s plenteousness. I function in divine health. I also live in heavenly prosperity. I’m from above and not from beneath.

Things are turning around for my good. As a matter of fact, all things works together for my good. I’m sited together with Christ Jesus in heavenly places.

Glorious, great and good things happens to me continually. I’m sufficient in God’s sufficiency. I’m financially wealthy. I’m well to do, dignified, beloved; well beloved, and highly esteemed.

I’m constantly, and steadfastly in obedience to God’s Word. I don’t take God’s Word for granted; for God’s Instructions based on the rule of law of His kingdom is my life.

I’m financially rich. I use my wealth for the advancement of the kingdom of God on earth as led through the Holy Spirit.

I walk in the fear of God. I\m generous towards God my CREATOR, and also generous towards His programs and agenda on earth. I’m a cheerful and willing giver towards the spread of the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I belongs to righteousness, in and through the Holy Spirit. I’m blessed, divinely favoured, raised, happy, fortunate, distinguished, dignified, well behaved, and highly preferred.

I receive divine guidance that helps my resolves towards dealing successfully; with all manner of issues and challenges.

I walk and fellowship with the wise, therefore, I ‘m humble, wise, and circumspect. I do and conduct my assignment rightly!. I’m blessed beyond imagination. I’m a lifter of people; in actual fact I’m a lifter of lives, and also a channel of blessings to many lives.

God’s divine light shines upon all my decisions. I do, as led through the Holy Spirit what is right, good, excellent and acceptable to God. My steps are ordered through the Holy Spirit. I live and rise far above spiritual ignorance.

I’m promoted. I live above reproach, for I dwell and conduct myself in the secret place of the Most High God. I’m blameless, justified, irreproachable, and incomparable.

I live far above affliction, oppression, poverty, ailment, plagues and sickness of whatever kind.

I’m healthy and sound. I’m happy, admirable, and joyful in God’s righteousness. I’m blessed and mightily favoured.

Blessed be the name of the great and mighty God forever and ever. Amen!

By: Albright Abiodun OLAJIDE
a.k.a. Stephen Abiodun WILLIAMS

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