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Wisdom Pages    ____ 5/02/21

Wisdom Pages ____ 5/02/21

1. God has different methods and in fact channels, processes of lifting you up; and that is great and beautiful. But in it are different challenges and responsibilities. You must be well prepared for every lifting that you may have what it takes for its sustenance.

2. Look at what God has done for you. You’ve been brought into a blessed baptism inside the Godhead through Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit. Your recognition and living in that consciousness will bless you, and empower you as you put total devotion on God’s Word. The responsibility rests on you to let God use you for His glory. You are a representation of God on earth for His glory and honour.

3. In your Christian adventure you must appreciate and acknowledge the special place of God inside you and you in Him. It is a product of the new creation realities, wrapped up with God’s eternal verities. The Holy Spirit must be your constant companion. When you permit the companionship, and ministration of the Holy Spirit through you, you will abound and overflow with unusual testimonies that are honouring to God.

4. When you live or lead a life that is based on the instructions of God’s Word; a life that is rooted on the integrity of the Scripture, you’ll be unshakable, blameless, indestructible, and imperishable. It is because, the GREATER One, Jesus Christ of Nazareth has become the strength of you decisions, resolves and expectations. God’s Word will never fail you, when you truly and rightly act upon it.

5. For you to be a person of real influence, the Holy Spirit must be your senior mentor. He must be the personality that you put total and continual trust upon. It demands that you be in constant intimacy and also in agreement with Him. If not things can’t deliver to you, or, work as they should. You have a responsibility in that to ensure you maintain that holy, inseparable intimacy, union and companionship with the Holy Spirit.

6. Whatever you do in word or indeed, ensure that you do so, with absolute dependency on the Spirit. He is the Eternal Spirit of righteousness. When that is the situation with you, your disposition, activities, and whatever you lay your hands upon will prosper, blossom and be of amazing testimonies.

7. You are on earth because of your physical body, but yet as a child of God, you must live a life that is full of the Holy Spirit. It is the spiritual that controls the physical and not the other way round. And so for your life e to be impactful, strong, glorious, remarkable and wonderful. You must stuff and fill your heats with God’s Word. That is real spirituality, and you will never regret that you did, because God will bless and amaze you.

8. The manifestations and d he workings of the Holy Spirit are God approved and God ordained. He, the HOLY Spirit Himself is God, but yet the third personality of the Godhead. If you dare to, or venture to permit Him, He will work greatly and mightily in and through you, and it will result in great productivity and also pleasing to God, for His purpose on earth.

9. God mercy endures forever, and thus it is everlasting. On that your stand and continual obedience to God’s holy dictates should be persistent, unwavering, hourly and thorough. When that happens your life, would be blessed and filled with remarkable testimonies of wonder.

10. It I s fact of Scripture that as you feed on God’s Word and stud it into your heart, it makes the God kind of faith to rest on you, and live in you. It is a product of the hearing ear for faith comes by hearing and hearing the Word of God.

11. What do you imagine that God will do for you as do as led through His instructions, guidance or directions or through the leadings of the Holy Spirit. He will bless and reward you with His abiding goodness and mercies, and also, with His divine protection, supernatural shelter, and heavenly covering.

12. In whatever package, shape, design or manner or style it comes, God and His Word will always be against immorality/ You are the person to flee from every appearance of sin, and you must jealously guard and protection your heart, for out of it are the issues of life.

13. As a person that loves God, and that loves the advancement, well being, and good of the Body of Christ, great peace has been ordained and put in place for you. You must have affinity, passion and affection for the law of God, and also for practical obedience.

14. You can be joyful, happy and also have things that it takes to appreciate, receive and n fact obtain the mercies of God. It is only possible, and permissible through Christ Jesus, when He becomes truly, your LORD and SAVIOUR. You must permit Him to be LORD, in all areas of your life, and He will give you your place of authority on earth.

15. If you must get into the flow of God’s showers of blessings and receive what God has for you it must be through the grace and mercy of God. It is the grace and mercy of God that helps a child of God to do things that are good, acceptable and proper in the eyes of God.

16. Your continual commitment to God and to His Word through study, reading, reflection and practice are meant to propel you from glory to glory, and from blessings to blessings. Every act of obedience, indicates that God will give you a miracle, a blessing a wonder, and , in fact shed or pour His glory on your activities.

17. Working your responsibilities demands that you follow consistently the leadings of the Spirit. You’ve been brought into a divine privilege, but yet you must honour the rule of law of God’s Word, and that of whatever constituency, or place of employment that you belong to. It guarantees you God’s divine favour and that of humanity, at least to the degree that God’s permits.

18. God will always bless you with His Word. It will come to you through His love, goodness and mercies. It you that must go and work on yourself and on what He has spoken to you. But them perseverance, humility, respect for leadership, persistence and your intimacy and fellowship with God and with others , where necessary must be in the right order.

19. In God’s agenda, and in His economy, God is the paymaster. He is forever dependable and trustworthy. You endeavour to be a person of godly discipline and integrity, and He will pay and reward you on earth, and also in heaven.

20. You are special to God, and to His assignment on earth. So also there is a uniqueness about you, for there is no one on earth with your DNA. Your life must be hidden permanently in Christ Jesus who is hidden in God.

In fact, your life, testimony and actions will only matter and deliver rightly and accordingly when you allow the Holy Spirit to do His marvels and wonders inside you, that you may be a channel of blessing to your firmament. and that is to your sphere of influence and contact. Be the best that God created you for.

By Albright Abiodun OLAJIDE
a.k.a. Stephen Abiodun WILLIAMS

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