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Shining The Light Of God’s Word

Shining The Light Of God’s Word

Glory to God, and blessed be His name forever and ever. Hallelujah! You are, welcome to this great segment of our discussion today that I have titled: Shining the Light Of God’s Word. I must start by saying that God’s Word is also the Word of God. It has to do really, with the Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ (Romans 1: 16,17). In a sense, it connotes the God News, and that is God’s peace and goodwill to all men. ( Luke 2: 14)

Already, this year, 2021 has been declared as the Year of Shining Forth, and that is for us, The Wisdom Pages Family! Praise the LORD! I’m so happy and also filled with enthusiasm and excitement as to those things that God has packaged for you and I, in this our great year of Shining forth.

As aforementioned in one of my write ups, I mentioned that, of a necessity there are also, all manner of prophetic declarations from different altars, where God’s Word is preached in truth and love.

What you should do in that situation is to ask the Holy Spirit to help you receive, all that God has for you for this amazing year 2021. In addition to that, you combine that with the words of prophecies, from other years to the degree o your spiritual capacity. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!

Well, as God has led me to declare to you what this year has on offer, is accurately and precisely as I have received from the Holy Spirit. However, it is only for whoever believes. Hallelujah. Why is that? For as many has received He gave them the right to become sons of God, even those that believe in His name. (John 1: 12).

When we receives a prophet in the name of a prophet we get a prophet reward. And when we receives a righteous man in the name of a righteous man we get a righteous man’s reward ( )

It is because, it has to be to you according to your value system or in consonant with your persuasion. Your God kind of faith is also your God kind of persuasion and it is, within you; and thus you act it in the physical through practical obedience to God’s Word or as you desire. If you are willing and obedient you shall eat the good of the land.

The truth of the matter is that, what God has for you and I this year, is Holy Spirit orchestrated, and that is no matter what is a happening in the economies of the nation where you live, or reside.

But What Has Been Happening?

You’ll notice that I have been putting in place to date, all manner of posts and write ups through this platform. God has been consistently trustworthy and dependable. But you see, I’m the person sponsoring, all these things. I don’t get i.e. tithse or offerings, from no one.

I do it as unto the LORD, that somewhere somehow, someone may come to the true Knowledge of God. In other words, I ‘m dedicated to it as a product of the love of God that never fails. And that is to turn someone’s life or situation around for good and hence, forever.


There have been some testimonies, and also a couple of prayers and good wishes, as souls becomes blessed, and for that I give God all the glory, honour, adoration, praise and worship. There are, all manner things to say about that, but let focus on the assignment at hand.

Our text is from, (John 1: 1-5). From that, we would be considering v 5 that says: And the light shines in the darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it.

My prayer is that in your life, and all the days of your life, you will have inside you the light of God’s Word, to such magnitude that you will shine in such ways that darkness can’t comprehend you.

The Prelude

Interestingly, in whatever we do in life, there is always the need for proper foundation. It is so necessary, because what determines what you build eventually on it, be it a structure o whatever is the foundation that you put there or that is laid.

So, in reality, if you desire a high-rise building, a tower building, indicating a super structure, you must dig so deep, and lay the foundation properly and intensely.

This is applicable also in the spiritual. And that is for you to consider or think of shining, you must have Jesus Christ in you as your LORD and SAVIOUR. It means you must be born again (John 3: 16, and others). If you are not, the ability to shine forth, in actual fact, and in real sense, based on God’s infallible dictates, is not applicable to you until you submit to Jesus Christ.

But Why?

It is because, f you must shine, and the Shine must be in you. That is the truth and the reality of it. You can’t shine the light you don’t carry on your inside or have, within you.

It may be in away and that is, for the sake of illustration, like your mobile phone. There is a touch light that you can use if you desire to reflect it.. It has been already, inputted in it or programmed into it.

The Things of the Spirit.

So also, n the things of the Spirit, and this is extremely necessary, you can only, so to speak, shine based on God’s Word, except you have or carry on your inside the light of the Glorious Gospel of our LORD Jesus Christ,

Further Illustration.

For you teach a subject , a class or a unit in school, be it elementary, secondary, colleges, or in a university, or in a Bible School, you can’t really teach, tutor or lecture, except the power or ability to teach is residing, in you.

In the light of that, the shine or what will make you to shine the light of the Word, must be in you otherwise it won’t deliver.

Practical Discussion Point

It is written:

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not [a]comprehend it. ( John 1:1-5)

This is referring to Jesus Chris, who is precisely referred to as the Word! It is talking accurately about Jesus Christ, the SAVIOUR of the World. It has to do, primarily with the LORD Jesus Christ Himself, the KING of the nations.

All that we’ve been called to do, is to allow or permit Him to do the shining in and through our lives. Can you get or understand that blameless logic. Jesus Christ is the Shinner, the Greater One, inside of all children of God, fully man and fully God. He is the man who is God! What a mystery that belongs only to the realm of real spiritual discernment. He is the light of the world.( John 8:12)

In the practical sense of it when you witness or have an encounter with the display or manifestation of God’s power through miracles signs and wonders, or through divine healing or instant divine miracles of healing, it is the Word Himself, Jesus Christ that is at work, functioning, manifesting, and demonstrating His prevailing power through the Holy Spirit. It is because, ‘The Word Prevails’.

Look at the Scriptures that we have just quoted. The Word Has been before the beginning or prior to the foundation of the world. It has to be for God has no beginning and He has no end/ God and the Word does not need to begin, for they have always been from eternity to eternity. It is a divine mystery that is far beyond human logic or comprehension.

But you see the togetherness or union of the Word with God created all things. Then it says, in Him was life and the life was the light of men.

Then coning to our leading verse of Scriptures and the light shines in the darkness and that darkness can’t comprehend it. That is functionality. It is power, awesome, and non contestable.

What Happened At Creation Of Man

God breath is life into the nostril of the clay that he sued t make man and man became a living creature. That means, Adam, has the life of God in him at creation. Then Eve got into it but they lost it through disobedience. (Genesis 1, 2)

Provisional Remedy

Jesus Christ has come to restore humanity back into what was lost in the garden of Eden. And so when a person cares to truly surrender or give his life or heart to Jesus Christ, the miracle of salvation or new birth results. Until then he cannot have the fruits of the Holy Spirit in him. (Galatians 5:22,23)

And it takes the activation of the fruits of the Spirit for you and I to truly, so to speak, shine as we are supposed to as unto the LORD. It’s up to you though, as you actually determine your shining, depending on the measure that you measure with. You determine, or ascertain your measure.

Implications As Agents of Reconciliation.

God has given us the privileged to shine the light of the Gospel. We have the greater, the brighter, and the stronger One in our lives. He is greater than the greatest, and mightier than the mightiest So, in your sphere, areas, or domain of influence, reach, contact, world or, universe, you must shine. ( Proverbs 4:18′;2 Corinthians 5:18)

It is a rare privilege, a holy, and divine privilege for that matter. It is b great and blessed royal advantage that we must never take for granted. But them you and I must have in us, what must help and propel us to shine.

The Gospel is the power of God unto salvation and you must never be ashamed of it. (Romans 1: 16,17)It is because in so far as we walk or function in love, in consonant with the fruits of the Spirit, there is no law anywhere on earth that can successfully go against. The Holy One of Israel that resides in heaven and also in the heart of His saints has settled that forever. God’s Word will never fail you!

And so, as agents of reconciliation, agents of dynamic changes unto righteousness, holiness, godliness and uprightness, God’s perfect will through Christ Jesus, is to use you and I to shine the light of the Glorious Gospel into our different firmament or into our sphere of influence, reach or contact. Hallelujah!

Divine Privileges

God has brought us into His divine privileges in and through Christ. He says you are the salt of the earth, and also the light of the world, a city set up on a hill that can’t be hidden. (Matthew 5: 13,14)

It means, our flavor or servour should bless other and make things more better for them as we find ways to reconcile them back to God their creator. We must be source of blessing to others, for joyfulness, preservation, safety and for divine protection. And also to lead them to the saving power of the Gospel of Christ Jesus!

You must protect, guard jealously and shelter your servour, your seal for God so that God can use you for His glory. (Proverbs 30:5) You must put continual trust in God, and on His Word..

(Proverbs 3:5,6)

Jesus is the light of the world. He is the joy of the world. ( Psalm 48:2) But then He has given us the privilege to shine the light of the Gospel in His stead. He has saved us, and strengthen us to be the joy of the world. You that in your regions and sphere of influence and universe.

We are the ones to do the shining as we stuff our hearts with Gods’ Word, walk in love, blossom in divine prosperity, live in good health, pray as we should pray, proclaim words of prophecy as we should, love one another as He has loved us, and be bold and courageous enough to act on His Word. ( Colossians 3:16)

That is what God has called y us to live by and devote our lives to and He will do His wonders, in and through our lives.

What You Must Do To Shine

  1. You must be born again through Jesus Christ. And that is, truly surrender to Him and receive Him as your LORD and SAVIOUR.

( (John 3: 1-16)

  1. You must belong to a local assembly where you’ll be loved, cared for, tutored, taught, disciple and nurtured with God’s Word, and where the spirit of supplication and intercessory prayers can rest on you. A place where you can serve God acceptably, and where you’ll rightly and humbly submit to divine, or spiritual leadership.(Hebrews 10:25)
  2. You must be student of God’s Word, with passion, affinity and real affection for righteousness; indicating the Word of God. (Mt 5:6; 6:33; 2 Timothy 2:15)

4.You must be a true devotee of Christ in season and out of season, and be intimate with God in your personal fellowship, prayers, study and reflection on God’s Word. (John 6: 3; 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18)

  1. You must be involved in your local assembly service deliveries and evangelism or, outreaches. You start with what you have, and where you are, within a group, a fellowship unit or, within a cell!
  2. You must be really prayerful, and be not only a hearer but doer of God’s Word. This calls for not only prayers, but you set yourself aside to hear what God has to say to you. It can happen as you participate in meetings, outreaches, in time of fellowship or personal consecration, or in the process of obedience.
  3. You must be humble, a learner, a giver, who pays his tithe as when due, gives offerings, be a blessing, be in partnership, or a kingdom promoter, and always in pursuit of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. (Malachi. 3:16;Matthew 6:33)

8.You must continually,present your body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God. And also you don’t conform yourself to the things of the world; but be transfigured through spiritual renewal of your heart, that you may proof God good, acceptable and perfect will for your life. (Romans 12: 1, 2)

  1. You must till your land, and mind your business. It may be through your job, personal business, partnership, or incorporated business, or as the case may be. And if you are in a situation of being catered for as a student by government, or through family or any other, you simply commit yourself to your responsibilities. (Proverbs 28:19)
  2. You must, in spite of whatever has been mentioned, be anointed with the Holy Spirit, and do good works, and see to the deliverance, divine healing, well being and salvation of others. And that, is be a source of blessing to your sphere of influence as led through the Holy Spirit. (Acts 10:38)

When you are a person in this likeness, , and with this mindset, or dispositions, you give God’s through His Spirit the opportunities to speak to you. He may speak to you as you study, and reflect on His Word, or as you hear His Word. When that happens, He has in that sense given you the permission to shine or to prosper. (3 John 1:2)

It is from grace to grace and from glory to glory. It is ever improving glory. It is from goodness to goodness and from testimonies to testimonies. (2 Corinthians 3:16-18)

It is ”The year of Shining Forth’ for you and I. That refers to proceeding upward and forward! It indicates, triumphing upward and forward through the grace of God. But you see, the Shine, or what will make you to shine has been deposited in you. The Holy Spirit has been given to you.

God can bypass the person sited next to you and give you a revelation, or a mystery. Every act of diligent obedience guarantees you, a blessing, a wonder, or testimonies! He will speak, but you must pay attention to His Word and be expectant.

(Proverbs 4:20;; 23:26; Revelation 2:29)

Sometime, you just stay quite somewhere for some hours to hear what He will say to you. Often, it must have His peace and goodwill inbuilt in it, except it is for personal rebuke, or, warning. (Deuteronomy 28:1-3; 2 Peter 1:2)

By God’s grace we’ll continue this in February, and through different areas, proceeds into some other revelations in the course of this year, 2021. It is a year of prayers. A year when real financial blessings with get into your hands, and into your bank accounts. A year of great favours.

A year that financial gifts, or rewards that are supposed to have been giving in past years that has been saved or put on hold will be given. A year when in fact you and I would receive lands and properties, as the Holy Spirit permits.

And for some of us that has been blessed for years through these, send your testimonies and let others be blessed through it. I pray and trust that you’ve been mightily blessed through this great ministration. God bless you! Hallelujah. JESUS CHRIST IS LORD!

By Albright Abiodun OLAJIDE

a.k.a. Stephen Abiodun WILLIAMS

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