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Wisdom Insight 22/01/2021

Wisdom Insight 22/01/2021

1. If the founding fathers of your nations has prayed to God for His helps, and in one way or the other God must have answered. There comes a time when the fullness of time comes that God has purposed for the tangible or real manifestation of such prayers. For now, it’ll be revealed gradually, and that is bit by bit, and can only be noticed, or known through practical or read discernment.
2. God and His Word can be known, received and believed. But that requires total submission to Him and to His Word through the hearing of faith, meditation study, and practical obedience. As you devote yourself to that, in degrees bit by bit, God will open you up to His truths and mysteries.
3. Dispositions that makes you to be a source of blessing to your sphere of influence, reach and contact, includes humility, teach ability, love, joy, peace of mind like a river, discipline, meekness and passion to do the biddings of God’s Word
4. What savour of knowledge are you dispensing, imparting or administering to others through your sphere of influence? If is to the Triune God, and to the words of His grace, that is able to build them up and bring them to their privileges and inheritances in the realm of heaven, God will bless you, protect, shelter, shield and showcase you to your firmament.
5. That mercy, kindness and love that you claim that you have is questionable, if you are directly or indirectly against the Saints of God. It is a life style of compliment, where you love, live, do good, get blessed and prosper for others to prosper.
6. If it is your desire, purpose or intent to get to the top in your area of specialization, at work, on your job, in your career or profession, it is right and proper that you start modestly. Start where you are, and with what you have and not with what you don’t have. Never be in hurry to get to the top; but do as led through the Holy Spirit, and God will bless you, lift you up as He founds you faithful.
7. The assurance that God’s Word will never fail you, should stir you up, and propel you to conduct yourself with humility, perseverance, commitment, diligence, determination, seriousness, courage, and unwavering attention to you responsibilities. God is love, and His love never fails and in so far as you trust God, and you put total dependency on His Word, your expectations will result in real manifestation.
8. God’s heartfelt desires is that you get into the Excellency of His royal privileges, His divine advantages’ but then there are terms and conditions of God’s divine love on them. When you become circumspect and devoted enough to meet those terms and conditions, God will turn you to a marvel, He will transfigure you to a winder for His praise and glory.
9. Pardon has already been bought for you through Christ Jesus. All your sins have been forgiven you; but you must willingly, sincerely, and humbly give yourself to God through Christ Jesus for you to receive forgiveness, salvation, and justification already made available for you. You’ve been declare non-guilty for your sins; but you must accept Jesus Christ as your LORD and SAVIOUR for you to begin to enjoy that divine privileges.
10. God will honour and respect His covenant in so far as there is someone there that is willing and prepared to agree with Him strictly based on His proviso. It is because the habitation of the earth is filled with cruelty, hatred, carelessness, wickedness and recklessness. You are ‘God’s Envoy’, His agent of divine reconciliation. Don’t disso pint God, the Rod of Israel. Let God count on you; His name is JEHOVAH, the Eternal Rock of Ages!
11. Praying the right kind of prayer, based on God’s infallible Word, is what results in, personal, family, career, business, employment, organizations, state and national, and economical revival. What goes along with it includes real efforts and commitment to unfailing principles that leads to economic recovery mingled, with integrity.
12.When God wants to bless, prosper and lift up a person, He will send a prophet to him, in the likeness of a person of the clergy, directly or indirectly. It is to bring him peace and goodwill. His response and dispositions must be right, proper and acceptable to God. When that is the case, God’s blessings of goodness and mercy, will rest on him, create and pave way for him.
13. Angels are different in terms of their responsibilities, assignment, place of origin, dispositions and the types of environment they loves, and that attracts them. You must determine the type of Angels that you want around you, that keeps you company and that you dispatch on assignment.
14. For you to conceive the word of God, and be a carrier of what you purpose to see manifest in the physical, you must receive the strength of God from the Holy Spirit. God is good, and He is God. He is totally trustworthy and consistently dependable. This knowledge must be in your thought process as you h0nour and practice God’s Word, and soonest what you’re expectant of, will become manifest tangibly.
15.The LORD God of Israel, the Rock of the Saints, is a faithful God. He is the God of love and God of mercy. He has mysteries, truths and He conceals His matters. In whatever you do, see to it that you are true to God, be open to Him, and be true to yourself. He will open up to you and lead you in the path that you’ll follow, based on His righteousness.
16. You can love God with all your being, and I actual fact make your boast in Him. But whatever you do, see to it that you are in consonant with the Holy Spirit. Let the Spirit of Truth teach you the Word, and you must devote yourself to the Word. Have insatiable appetite for the Word, and know the Word yourself for constant practice. God watches over His Word to perform it.
17. Justification, forgiveness of sin, purification and sanctification becomes the portion of anyone that prefers to submit and surrender to Jesus Christ through he grace and mercy of God. It is for whoever dare to, or venture to believe, and not for the careless, reckless or fearful except he turns to the LORD. The honour that God gives is strictly for those that put their trust in Him, and on His Word.
18. Whatever matter to God should matter to you as a child of God, and has led through the Holy Spirit. Don’t ignore or neglect you fellowship and consecration to God in prayers and in the area of your reflection on His Word. Yu can be so busy with your responsibilities that you may not recognize that it is affecting your intimacy and cooperation in prayers and in your other spiritual practical’s.
19. As a child of God, when you align yourself with God’s dictates, and you are fervently and rightly prayerful,, and you are thankful, full of praise,, giving gratitude’s to God, for His love, goodness, mercies, and for His provisions, God’s steadfast love will never go against your well being,peace of mind, lifting, prosperity, and whatever you set your hands upon. You’ve been blessed and empowered to be a source of blessings, to your universe, and to prosper on earth. It is actually up to you!
20. What are your responses to God’s responsibilities given you? What are your responses to the great mercies of God displayed and that He has been pouring upon you? God’s loving kindness to you represents His means of doing you good; to favour you, bless you, tutor yo, nurture you; drill you, condition you, and make you one of His celebrities to your firmament. May the LORD bless you with discernment and revelation.
By: Albright Abiodun OLAJIDE
a.ka. Stephen Abiodun WILLIAMS

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