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Happy New Year to you all. Glory to God. God has been so faithful, and consistently trustworthy. It is because He is a faithful God. Hence, we can’t but be grateful, and full of thanksgiving unto God, for bringing us through the year, 2020.
Personally, I must admit that it was a year that I have never seen its kind before; and that is because of the ‘Covid 19’ pandemic. But in spite of it, God is yet blessing His Church, greatly, abundantly and in fact exceedingly. Why is that possible? It is because we serve the true and holy God; the God of love, and the God of goodness and mercy. Hallelujah!

What Has Been Happening?

Somehow, I have been a bit reserved for some days. I’ve got to gather myself together, and that is vis a vis issue of health. Suddenly, I noticed that I had running nose, a bit feverish, and with a bit of cough. And spiritually, I’m not like that. In the process of that, I discerned and noticed that I always put on the fan in my room at might; no air-conditioned yet. Laughter!
But don’t worry that will soon manifest. And so when the fan is on, I don’t even use any coverlet, I’ll simply go to bed like that. You know that Africa is a tropical continent, and not realizing what has been happening, I looked at myself, and all the works that I have been contributing to others lives, and felt there is the need for proper rest. I mean to get into a nice conduisive place, rest properly, pray, reflect on God’s Word, with some cool Yoghurts, Milkshake, Juicy fruits e.t.c!
As a matter of fact, I have not been on vacation for 5yrs. And normally one needs some kind of yearly vacation to have some time of rest, pray, look at your projections, plans, and really seek the face of the LORD!
Interestingly, if you work in an office, you’ll get paid salaries, or wages monthly, or so depending on your scale; and your employer will always schedule a roaster with your name on it as to when you will go on vacation. But that is not presently the case. And so since then, the running nose has reduced. I in fact bought paracetamol to use against it’ and also focus on my prayers, reflection on God’s Word and practice.


The purpose of this is that we must have all manner of defense mechanism in us to deal with any type of affliction, plagues, pestilences, ailments, depression or whatever. A wise man said until you’re depressed you can’t be oppressed. or afflicted.
We belongs to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ, the KING of the Saints, and He is forever trustworthy. It is not a kingdom of beggars, but that of Kings and Priests unto God, through the doctrine of the Priesthood of every believer. And that you don’t have thousands of worshipers in your church or ministry yet does not mean it won’t happen soonest or afterwards.
In the military there are manners of Generals, and Brigadiers for different duties and assignments. They are in all the departments, just like in a Plc, or sometimes similar to a football squad.
There are those that are in charge of battalions, or barracks, and there are those on diplomatic missions. So also, there are those that are in their offices; and then there are those that are on special duties in times of emergency, or in times of war.
So, really you can’t use figures and statistics to deterring, or rightly measure who is who in the realm of the Spirit. In fact you can’t use it to measure success. I learn that from Rev Gordon Adams years ago. God does not consider things the way we consider things, except we are rightly discerning through the Holy Spirit.That is the reason why we must trust God, His Word, and put total dependency on His Word.

From My Spirit Archives

Years ago, that must be in 1990, in my early Church where I served for 5yrs. You know whether you serve Him or not God knows, and He will reward you accordingly. All your good deeds, He will reward on earth and also in heaven, and that is if you make it to heaven in Christ Jesus. But you can know that you are heaven bound already. There is what is referred to as, ‘Assurance of Salvation’
However, if not, all those good deeds that you’ve done, you’ll get their rewards on earth, but as for the heaven of God, because such a person refused to submit to, and receive Jesus Christ as his personal LORD and SAVIOUR, then he’ll forfeit heaven.
And that is simply because of careless, unmerciful dispositions to himself, wickedness, immorality and recklessness.
I have mentioned all these to stir us up in the direction of God, and His Word through Great Shepherd of Israel.
As Christians we are spiritual Israelites. Our Heavenly Father owns all things, and we have been given charge to occupy until Jesus comes.
You will love and admire God more because of this
In continuation, in those days, in 1990, in my early church, a group of us, fervent and passionate for revival came together, and started to pray for revival. It also has in it prayers for God’s hand to become mighty upon us, and upon the congregation. It was a weekly prayer meeting, fervent and powerful , and for two days. We did it for months and months for about three years or so.
Those present in those prayer meetings, includes:
1. Apostle Wale Adekoya
2. Apostle Deji Babyemi
3. Apostle Abiodun Williams
4. Apostle Ade Adesina
5. Apostle Kola Babayemi
6. Apostle Kayode Alaka
7. Sister Evangelist Yemisi Fakeye__Now married
8. Sister Evangelist Oluwatobi Williams
9. Sister Evangelist Seyi Baptist __Now Seyi Adesina
10.Sister Evangelist Bola Awobajo __Now Married.
Those were the days of ‘Bible Study Group’ that eventually became ‘The Equipping the Saints Group”.
Rev Gordon Adams, came to us afterwards from the USA. He is of The Vision Foundation Inc, representing Rev Dave Dawson of ‘The Equipping The Saints Ministries’, Dallas, Texas,USA, to train us on the discipleship programme.
Prior to that, we had been on it for about a year using Bob Gordon of blessed memory book on discipleship for about a year. My wife and myself would buy fruits for refreshment for the group.
In the process of one of the prayer meetings, the Holy Spirit came mightily upon us, and according to one of us, a sister, she said God showed her as we were praying, she saw, ‘Flames of Holy Fire, rested upon all of us. That is in the likeness, or similar to the day of Pentecost.
And so the implication of that is, God gifts and calling are without repentance. (Romans 11:29) If the LORD God Almighty has approved, and ordained you as a child of God, for a particular responsibility, and often there would be others duties inherent in it, He won’t take it back, except you don’t want it. Yet His goodness and mercy are yet available and on display.
I thought it right to mention the setting. You may refer to it as traditionalism, but what about the manifestation of God’s Holy or Divine flames of fire that rested on us all. Some may not be happy about that. But who cares! You don’t be angry. and don’t get offended.

Why Is That?

You also must have had your encounters in one way or the other if truly you’ve been in consonant with the instructions and directions of God’s dictates. For God is not a respecter of persons. You have no choice but love others, and, I also has no choice but to love others according to God’s Word. God has got you and I cornered.
The real truth of it is that, it is both Pentecostal and Evangelical combined together. What about the day one of us saw a ‘White Dove’ stood on the head one of us! How would you reconcile that?
My commendation is, don’t get into fight against anyone, be that person a Christian or not. We wrestle not against blood and flesh but against principalities and power in wicked places. (Ephesians 6:12).
But also, our spiritual weapons are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of all evil imaginations, casting down every thoughts that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ bringing them down to the obedience of Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:4)
These things are far more that what the natural person can see. You must be discerning to get into this revelation. Most of us in that room afterwards have shifted and in fact moved or went into different directions, but yet in the LORD!. But I can assure you that the fire of the Holy Ghost is yet there.

You will pray loud to yourself in this similitude.

My heavenly Father, I thank you that I saved, save and delivered from all types of ailment sickness and diseases. Through the grace of God, I’m sound, good looking, beautified, healthy, and divinely favoured.
I live far above plagues. I will not die before my time. I’m too blessed to be oppressed. I’m too mightily preferred to be afflicted, or abused.
I’m alive with the Good God. I’m alive with the kind, and Compassionate God. In fact no matter what is happening, I’m alive, and in consonant with the Most High God.
Things are getting better for me no matter what the economy of my nation says. I put my total trust on the Holy God, and on His Word that is able to build me up, and give my inheritance amongst them that are sanctified.
I’m blessed, happy, loving, purified, lifted, sanctified, caring, triumphant, treasured, joyful, and forever devoted to God and His Word.
Pray that loud to yourself persistently, and you will begin to see great changes.
Even if you’re in the hospital, or on a sick bed, keep praying it. God watches over His words to fulfill, and to perform it.

The Year of Shining Forth __ 2021

In all honesty, that is what the Holy Spirit ministered to me. I have already given some Scriptures to that effect. However it also includes these.
”The line are fallen to me in pleasant I have goodly heritage.” (Psalm 16.6)
”The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you — they are full of the Spirit[ and life.” (John 6:63)
But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.( Hebrews 11:6)
It is our year of ‘Shining Forth’ even though there has been all manners of prophetic declarations from different platforms, that what God has given for us that this year is going to display, and manifest certainly, for us, as we respond rightly to His Word!
In this year 2021, you and I by the grace of God shall manifest greatly, and powerfully like a city set on hill that can’t be hidden. It is a year of great harvest of souls, but we must work at it. It is a year of sending our angels on assignments as never before. It’s a year of intensive ,and fervent continual prayers.
It is a year of tangible, real, and certain financial rewards. A year when lands and properties shall be given you and I certainly and surely as unto the LORD! But we must put on our Kingly and priestly garments, and also put on the total amour of God. You and I can never be the same again as we respond rightly to the Word of God.
By the special grace of God, you’ll see that in my ministrations in the process of this year 2021. You are blessed. God bless you all
By: Albright Abiodun OLAJIDE
a.k.a. Stephen Abiodun WILLIAMS

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