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Faith Response
Faith Response

Faith Response

These Scripture based prayer confessions, are designed to do you good; and that is to bless you, strengthen your resolves, and move you upward, and also help you to proceed onward, and forward in your responsibilities.
However, they draw their dispositions from the grace and mercies of God. They are really, for whosoever believes in our LORD Jesus Christ. He is the High Priest of our confessions, proclamations, or affirmations. And if a person is not born again, or saved, He the LORD, won’t put His seal of approval on it.
That means if you’re not born again, my advice is that you get born again that the LORD Jesus Christ can put His seal of approval on what you profess, confess, affirm, or declare vis the Words of His prophecy. May God bless you with penetration and revelation?
Prayer Confession:
Say this loud to yourself.
My heavenly Father, I bless your name and give you glory, honour, praise, and adoration for you are the great and mighty God. I’m so happy that you are the true God, and that you are the Most High God.
I’m also thankful and grateful for your loving faithfulness and also for your goodness and mercies upon my life. I’m blessed, and also crowned with God’s loving kindness. I thank you LORD for your continual faithfulness.
I’m so glad that I belong to the Holy One of Israel. Through the grace of God, I believe the Word of God, and I hold on to the words of God’s prophecies spoken upon my life through the Holy Spirit. I’m steadfast, loyal, trustworthy, and in fact willing and obedient to God’s Word. I’m a persistent, and a circumspect doer of God’s Word.
I thank you LORD for you have delivered me from the striving of my enemies. I’m grateful that you’ve lifted me above those that rise against me. I’ve been delivered from affliction. I have been set free, and delivered from trouble.
In all issues of life, all things, works together for my good, for I have great passion for the truth of God’s Word. I’m in love with God my CREATOR. I’m blessed in the city, I blessed in the field. I ‘m blessed going out, I’m blessed coming in. Things are turning around for my good.
I’m so happy that I’m blessed and greatly preferred. God, the Shepherd of the Saints, is my portion in the land of the living. Good, great and pleasant things are happening in my personal life, and also in the lives of my children and also in my family. I’m divinely protected against danger.
Through the precious blood of Christ Jesus, I’m sheltered and covered against affliction, intimidation, or harassment. My life is filled with remarkable testimonies that are pleasing, and honouring to the LORD God Almighty.
In this year, 2021, I shine forth the goodness of God. I walk in divine health. I am blossoming in divine prosperity. Real, and tangible financial favours comes to me, and reaches my hands without struggle. I will never struggle, for I’m more than a conqueror through Christ Jesus. I’m well favoured.
I’m rightly, and properly positioned to receive whatever blessings of goodness that God has prepared for me. I love what God loves and dislikes whatever God dislikes.
My business, investments, and all my business interests are protected and preserved through the precious blood of Christ Jesus. I shall live and not die to declare the glory of God. I belongs to God, the Holy One of Israel forever.
I do God’s divine will for my lifer, therefore, I abides forever. My life is hidden in Christ Jesus, who is hidden inside God. I ‘m declaring the goodness of God to my sphere of influence, and to my universe. I’m blessed and seriously preferred.
I’m a doer of God’s Word and and not just a hearer. I ‘m blessed in all my responsibilities. I use the shield of faith to quench every dirt of the wicked.
I’m grateful to God, that all my helps are from the LORD Jesus Christ. I believe strongly that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world.
I belong to the Holy God, and the power of God is at work , on my inside. I’m intelligent, l’m dependable, circumspect, I’m well favoured, healthy, prosperous, well to do, hardworking, dignified, distinguished, and mightily preferred.
God bless you!
By: Albright Abiodun OLAJIDE
a.k.a. Stephen Abiodun WILLIAMS

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