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January 7

January 7

1. When you give from whatever God has blessed you with, no matter how insignificant, irrelevant or little it may look to the natural person, it is from a heart of love, good looks at it differently; and His loving kindness won’t forget you. God’s love that never fails will bless you and stand for you.
2. That you in actual fact remember the needy, the oppressed and the afflicted, in their time of need, is a guaranteed indication of the mercies of God that has been shown you and dispensed on you that you have received. You keep it up, and in fact increase it, and the strength of Israel will reward you accordingly.
3. Your perception of love must draw its dispositions, favours, and desires from God’s infallible Word. That God is love settles it, and His Word will never fail you or disappoint you in your venture to trust God and steadfastly act on the instructions of His Love. Don’t let God’s dictates, precepts, guidance, and directions becomes too much for you to hold on to. Truly, the love of the Holy God, will not falter and it won’t fail you. It is really, up to you.
4. Whatever you give attention to, or pay continual attention to is a reflection of what is topmost in your priority, and it may be deliberate; or you may not in fact realize it, but it is a fact.
5. The secret of possession rests upon steadfast and diligent pursuit of your God given responsibilities. What your persuasion cannot reach out for, you can’t possess.
6. Be a solution carrier. Be a problem solver. Solution carrier and problem solvers are always on demand. If you desire to be in that category, start solving little problems, and proceed forward and upward in your area of specialization.
7. Terms, conditions, and provisos of God’s Word demands that you strictly adhere to God’s instructions and precepts and act on them. It is a covenant. There is a holy, enduring, non negotiable covenant involved. You must be willing and obedient. Your result in any given responsibility or assignment is equal to the degree of your preparation.
8. If God must promote you or lift you up further, you must wake up from your slumber, rise above, or outgrow your present status or present situation.
9. When you participate in fervent corporate prayers, or group prayers, you will catch the fervency of corporate or group spiritual warfare.
10. What you can’t invest time in your prayer closet to pray fervently for and to thank God for, you’re not ready to receive it in public.
11. When you learn to forgive and forget, and you really do in practice; you’re in way reflecting your nature as the righteousness of God, in and through Christ Jesus. It is a means of reconstructing your bridge to increased victories and God’s favours.
12. What you assist , or help others to attain to in life, God will work it in your personal life, directly or indirectly, and, inclusive of members of your family, particularly your children.
13. What are you? What have you been doing to yourself? What you give yourself , and your continual efforts to, determines your relevance and place on earth.
14. When you bless the LORD, respect, honour, and highly regard His Word is your personal life, and as led through the Holy Spirit, God will outpour His blessings on you, speak to you, and honour you publicly.
15. When you solve problems for others, and it as led through the Spirit of DIVINITY, increased capacity is given to you assist, help, and remove problems for a greater number of people.
16. I the realm of the things of God, to stand steadfast and abide forever, you must cultivate to receive, imbibe, be in love with and strictly adhered to God’s Word that will never fail you, and that lives and abides steadfast from generation to generation.
17 Your continual commitment to the truths of God’s Word, to His godliness, holiness, uprightness through practical obedience, assures you access to the blessings of the LORD that makes rich, and it add no sorrow upon it.
18 Whatever good gesture, or kind deed that you do to humanity or for others, see to it that it is pleasing, honouring, and glorifying to God, the KING of the Saints, that He may bless and reward you on earth, and also in heaven.
19 Your seed be it spiritual, material, services deliveries, time, efforts, represent you in the realm of the spirit, and that is as a child of God, saved and born of the incorruptible Word of God. When you increase the size of your seed , or add to it, you’ve in a way giving addition, increase, multiplication, or expansion to what comes to you in terms of harvest; but you must keep on your services deliveries unto God, and watering your seeds planted with thanksgiving and praise unto God.; and also you must be expectant.
20 Whatever you set your heart upon, if the purpose, goal, intention; or purport is right, the proceeding or resulting actions and activities, would be right and acceptable to God! However, if it is not right, whatever you do afterwards, be it actions, or, activities won’t be proper, good, right, or acceptable unto God.. You determine your result through your real intent.
By: Albright Abiodun OLAJDE
a.k.a. Stephen Abiodun WILLIAMS

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