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Special Announcements
Happy New Year

Happy New Year

2021 . . . The Year of Shining Forth!

Happy New Year, 2021 to you all you, and Glory to God in the highest. God has been faithful to you and I, and through His mercies; He brought through the year, 2020, successfully, and gloriously!
And for some of us, the year of ‘Abundant Favours’, truly revealed itself as declared; and we yet got blessed and favoured from God, and from those that God ministered to us, to be sources of blessings to us.
I mentioned in my recent post of what God has prepared for us in 2021, Well, by the grace of God I happy to announce to you that it is: THE YEAR Of SHINING FORTH.

How It Happened

Some days before the New Year, I prayerfully asked the LORD what does this New Year 2021 coming has in store for us, and that is, particularly for the Wisdom Pages Special Family, and also for our sponsors, donors, friends, and well washers.
I kept hearing in my spirit, ‘’The Light shines in the darkness and darkness cannot comprehend it.’’
(John 1:1-5,; Isaiah 60:1-22; Psalm 1:1-3; Proverbs 4:18;Matthew 5:6; 6:33; Philippians 2:10-14)
At first I thought, in fact was wondering whether that was my personal thought. But then, it kept on coming reputedly.
But why wait till today to declare or mention this? What happened is that there should be a message to that effect, and some other things to go along or to accompany it.
And sometimes, in this part of the world, network can, or may not be in place, or there may be so much traffic. Well, what matters is that we get to know what is it, and then lay hold of the word of God that comes through it, imbibe them, and don’t let them depart from our mouths. Hallelujah!
We must believe it, receive it, lay hold of it’ and personalize it, war with them and not against. In other words, let those words be part of your daily spiritual routines, as you pray declare, pray confess pray read them loud them through proclamation; or affirmations. All these words are interchangeable.
When I say ‘war with words of prophecies, and not against them’ there are those that may find it difficult to understand that.
It means, let those prophetic words be part of your immune system as you rest on them,,pray and prophesy them into your life. To ignore real words of prophecy is to war against them, and that happens through carelessness, selfishness, and through unruly type of attitudes. May the LORD give you penetration and revelation.
Also, ensure that you conduct yourself according to the dictates, or, align yourself with the rule of law of God’s Word; for the Scripture cannot be broken. You are in for the best of times!
Happy New Year to you all. May it deliver to you and I, what God has put in place for us. God is trustworthy. You are blessed and greatly favoured. God bless you all!
By: Albright Abiodun OLAJIDE
a.k.a. Stephen Abiodun WILLIAMS

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