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Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year, 2021 to you all!

What a wonder, and a marvel that God in His mercies, and through His loving kindness, blessed and kept us; protected, and brought you and I through 2020, into this great new year! For that, and for other blessings, to God; the good Shepherd of Israel be all praise, glory, honour, worship; and adoration forever and ever!
This new year has so much blessings upon blessings, on offer for us, and by the grace of God; I’ll let you know what God through the Holy Spirit has prepared for you and I, this new blessed, and great year!
You will love them, receive them, war with them, and not against them, or use them to fight the good fight of faith triumphantly, and be ready to give testimonies unto the LORD God Almighty.
He is the faithful God! You are blessed. God bless you!

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