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Wisdom Pages
Wisdom Pages Vol. 1

Wisdom Pages Vol. 1

1.God the Father of our LORD Jesus Christ is great and mighty. His word is pure, holy, great, infallible and marvelous. God’s Word will never fail. God is the God of the saints. The more you trust Him, and put dependency on His Word, acting on it; and you hold on to the words of His prophecy, the greater and mighty things He will do in you, to you, and for you.
2.Wherever you go, or wherever you may be, know and understand that God’s divine love will never fail you! And that on this earth, God’s name through Christ Jesus will be greatly praised, and glorified amongst His people in the church, and on the earth; for there is none compared to Him.
3.What good have you been doing, or giving or providing to the blessed of the LORD; the saved of Jehovah God? Or have you been misdirection what is meant for them somewhere else? Whatever good you do to the saints of God, you’re indirectly doing it to the Christ Jesus. He will reward you accordingly.
4.God has already magnified and glorified His name; but He will yet glorify and magnify it to the praise, glory and honour of His name. You’re one of the tools, or instruments that He will us as vessels for that.
5. Any leadings, instructions, or commendations to God, and to His Word is also to His corrections, rebukes, and warnings. It is that he that is humble, wise and circumspect may know his duties and responsibilities hidden in God through Christ Jesus. As he commits to His responsibilities in the covenant, he can then proceed, or move forward in life; grow upward spiritually, and adhere strictly to all that he should adhere to; and that he may flee and avoid what he should flee from and avoid.
6.Whether you know it or not, all the blessings of the Gospel are hidden inside the grace and peace that comes from God through the Knowledge of God, the Father, and through that of Jesus Christ the SAVIOUR of the world, the KING of the nations. It is because in Him Christ Jesus resides, all the fullness of the eternal God!
7.If truly you didn’t give your life to a man, but to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, all you’ve been brought into His great and marvelous Kingdom for, is that you keep looking unto Him. That is where all your helps has been approved and ordained to come from. Man may help you as God permits; but keep looking to the LORD Jesus Christ – that the God of the universe may be glorified and magnified upon you.
8.When the grace of God is released and dispensed to you, and you receive it, it is because of your new creation personality; for the arm of the flesh is not meant to receive it except there is true repentance.
9.The Word of God is important to your mind and for your total wellbeing. It is so necessary for your heart, and for your spirit person. When you invest quality time in God’s Word, through the hearing of faith – listening to it, reading, perusing it. and reflecting on it; your heart will be filled with the blessings of God’s goodness. The thoughts of the great and mighty God will fill your heart. You determine your measure.
10.Triumphing totally and upwardly, and advancing forward in life through God’s grace, be it in personal life, in business, job, or career requires that you have God’s divine presence with you in all circumstances. It is through the Angel of His presence, JEHOVAH SHAMAH, the LORD is present.
11.Whatever God has instructed you to do for Him, often times will make a request on you to climb a mountain in the realm of the Spirit. As you do, what He will bless you with is also climbing the same mountain with you on the other side, and you won’t know it except through the spectacle of the God kind of faith. Keep to your service deliveries in God, and ensure it is truly sacrificial; and JEHOVAH JIREH will manifest in your direction.
12. Putting you trust in God is far more blessed – in fact far greater, and higher that when you put your trust in man. Even the best of men yet needs the help of God that comes to them in the style of His goodness and mercies. Man may help you, and do you good to an extent, if and when God permits. Let the LORD be your Main helper and your source through the Holy Spirit.
13. As a covenant child of God, born of the incorruptible Word, you’ve been baptized and submerged into different privileges and advantages in Christ Jesus. It is that you may prosper and be in good health. As your soul prospers. And, in so far as you’re in God’s ordained purpose for you, whatever you lay your hands upon has been ordered to prosper. You’ve been ‘raised to prosper’. In fact, you’ve been set apart unto God to become well to do on earth. It’s up to you.
14. It is noted, and also written concerning you as a child of God that it shall be well with you. God thoughts, His love, cares; and purpose for you is that you do good, great, wonderful, and excellent things in life. It is also that you be fulfilled in life to the glory of His name. Live a blessed, good, great, happy and fulfilled life.
15. If you are the light of the world, then you must be a city set on a hill that cannot be hidden, God’s temple, His great and wonderful place. Your life is meant to be enveloped with God’s signs and wonders; for you are sited in heavenly places, with Christ Jesus.
16. To be blessed is to be empowered to prosper, or to be enabled to prosper. It is to do great, and mighty things in life. It is a product of the blessings of God that makes rich. It has inbuilt in it God’s divine presence, indicating presence of the All Sufficient God. You live for Him for others to live. You be blessed for others to be blessed; and you prosper for others to prosper.
17.Whatever you may be going through in life, whether good, or bad is not just because of you but because of others. You be so daring to trust the LORD, and hold on steadfastly to His Word, acting on it has commanded that you may be a source of God’s unending love, blessings, deliverance; and goodness and mercies to others.
18.In the realm of the Spirit, Gods Word is receivable, obtainable, and also believable. God is looking to and fro. into all the nations for that person that will be wise, humble; and loving to trust Him, and to submit to Him through Christ Jesus, and believe His Word. As you’re, no matter what your situation is, you’re that person.
19. Wherever you find or notice that a person is yet to believe that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life, and that no man comes to the Father except through Him, it is because of the arm of the flesh, the Adamic nature. You preach the Christ of God through the Gospel in your sphere of influence, and be prayerful.
20.You can be rich, or plenteous in whatever currency of the world you desires, or prefers. But don’t be ensnare through the gods of this world. Let you trust and total dependency be on the LORD God Almighty and on His Word. Do as led through God’s Word, and through the agency of the Holy Spirit. It is, being in real, and practical pursuit of God’s Kingdom, and His righteousness. It’s your season to prosper.
By; Albright Abiodun OLAJIDE
a.k.a. Stephen Abiodun WILLIAMS

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